Support United Way's next steps during COVID-19

United Way’s multi-phase response is providing what’s needed, where it’s needed, and includes short-term rapid response to address critical needs, a mid-term recovery focus to address needs that emerge, and a long-term rebuilding strategy. 

As we recover and rebuild in Central Maryland, we’ll focus on:

  • Enhancing service offerings to provide virtual service delivery, connecting nonprofits to government funding resources, and expanding 211 Maryland Helpline support
  • Expanding the 211 emergency fund to provide immediate assistance for callers to cover basic living expenses
  • Ensuring continuity for service providers to coordinate safe volunteer engagement and fund operations to support nonprofits’ capacity
  • Addressing mental health needs by connecting callers to 211 to counseling services
  • Offering access to affordable childcare for parents returning to work through United Way family centers in Howard County and West Baltimore
  • Strengthening financial and housing stability with financial planning and management of federal relief funding for low-wage earning families
  • Reducing barriers for low-wage earners by advocating for public policy to better support low-wage earners, those in poverty, and undocumented persons
  • Bridging the digital divide with equal access to virtual classes and training, online workplace applications, telehealth, research, and social interaction
  • Promoting neighborhood healing by building social connectedness and social connectedness and resilience
  • Supporting mental health systems by partnering with providers to build system capacity and support trauma recovery
  • Creating jobs in innovative sectors with neighborhoods through partnerships and boards Sustaining access to food sources and production 

Your support of United Way's effort to help recover and rebuild is crucial to make our communities more livable, opportunities more equal, families more stable, and lives better for those who call Central Maryland home.

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